As disasters occur unexpectedly, anticipation is the key to survival. Disruptions may stretch for hours, and you might be out of touch from rescue operations. That’s why you need a survival bag that can help you last multiple days.

We rounded up the best 72-hour survival bags you can find today in the market. Read on to find out more:

Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit

The Urban Survival Bug Out Emergency Disaster Kit might be the best 72-hour survival bag you can find out there. But to be blunt about it, it doesn’t offer enough water for the one gallon per person per day that the U.S. government recommends.

Instead, it provides just over 50 fluid ounces of drinking water. That’s half of what one person needs a day to stay hydrated. The kit includes water purification tablets, a water bladder, and a water filtration straw to make up for the lack of water supply.

The basic idea is that you can source additional water supply from lakes, water heaters, or a tub as the days stretch.

Other than the water supply, everything in this survival kit offers the best items to keep you warm and stable.

It comes with two packs of emergency food rations. These shelf-stable food rations require no preparation before eating. Rip open the package and eat.

Both packages equal a total of 7,200 calories. That might not last you longer if you’re an active adult. If you’re a teen or an elderly, you might need less. But make sure to invest in additional sustenance just to be sure.

The rest of this survival kit includes:

  • A combination led flashlight/am/F.M. radio
  • An off-brand swiss-army knife with sharp
  • Work gloves
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Parachute cord
  • Chemical light sticks
  • A “g.i.-style” can opener
  • A deck of playing cards
  • A brief guide
  • A combination safety whistle
  • Compass
  • Magnesium fire starter

Besides the additional water, food, and medical supplies that you might need to buff this kit up, you might also need more first-aid kit necessities. But overall, among all the kits we found, this one tops the list.


  • Comes with basic shelter materials
  • Includes personal hygiene products
  • Essentials such as a radio,  folding knife, and work gloves are of good quality.


  • It does not include enough food or water to keep most individuals hydrated and fed for 72 hours.
  • Underwhelming first aid kit
  • Sustain Supply Co. Essential2

Like number one on this list, this 72-hour survival bag is made for two people. But the biggest difference between them is the number of available calories and water.

Essentials two comes with a personal bladder and filter. You can use it to sustain yourself with the water supply you find as you go. But that’s the main problem. Relying on being able to find a drinking water supply isn’t something you can gamble on.

Regarding the first-aid kit, it comes with the following:

  • Small bandaids
  • Two Tylenol
  • Two aspirin
  • A single bobby pin

Aside from the mini first-aid kit, it also includes a parachute cord. You can use it to make a shelter. It also comes with a safe knife for cutting up the cable or any other chore for it.

But aside from a pair of space blankets, you can’t find anything else in the kit to provide warmth. So you might need to pack your fire starter and a tarp.


  • High-quality backpack
  • Good-quality knife and lantern
  • Includes water filtration device


  • Food stores inadequate
  • lantern does not come with batteries
  • A water filter is no replacement for potable water on hand

American Red Cross Basic 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit

This bright red backpack comes with lots of emergency supplies. But just so you know ahead of time, they aren’t that of high-quality materials.

It comes with basic supplies like a combination of Flashlight/AM/FM radio. Given that the Red Cross created this kit, you might expect that its first-aid kit would be amazing as it should.

But like the rest of the kits in this list, it still needs more add-ons. There is one large bandage and a small roll of gauze for lacerations and larger scrapes. It lacks the supplies to handle injuries like stopping significant bleeding. Among all the problems, note that the folder that contains these supplies isn’t waterproof.


  • It didn’t catch on fire during testing.


  • Poor quality tools
  • Poor quality backpack
  • First aid supplies are vulnerable to elements.
  • Radio does not come with the NOAA band.
  • It contains a meager 16.91 fl oz. of drinking water.
  • Sustain Supply Co. Comfort2

As the name suggests, this 72-hour survival bag is a two-person emergency kit. But like the main pick on this list, it seems like it’s better suited for one person.

It comes with a well-made hiking style backpack which is large enough to contain the essentials. This backpack offers lots of pockets to keep things organized and enough space for extras.

This kit comes with an inexpensive but bright led flashlight and lantern. None of them comes with batteries that are necessary to power them. Given that this kit costs more than $200, it feels pretty flimsy for a bag that’s supposed to sustain you for more than a day.

But the most notable selling point of the Comfort 2 is that it comes with high-quality freeze-dried meals. No, you’re not getting the shelf-stable emergency ration bars. But you’re stuck with meals containing more than enough calories to sustain one person through 3 days.

The Comfort 2 comes with a camp stove and a pot for boiling water. You can also set a pile of kindle to a flame. That’s because the meals that come with this kit should be cooked, ideally. That might be an issue since setting a fire could be dangerous after a tornado or earthquake when gas lines were disrupted.

Like all the kits in this list, the medical supplies here aren’t adequate to handle other than basic cuts and scrapes. If you end up with a sprain, a broken bone while the emergency services are away, you’ll be ill-equipped for the situation.


  • The pack comes with space for additional supplies/clothing.
  • Good quality tools
  • Shelter building supplies


  • No radio provided
  • Included freeze-dried meals require water to cook.
  • No batteries in lantern or flashlight
  • Water rations inadequate
  • Meal cooking could be highly dangerous.

S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Urban Survivor Kit

S.O.L. is under Tender Corporation. It’s a brand known for its amazing Mountain Medical first aid kits and medical supplies. Familiar products under its name would be AfterBurn gel, AfterBite, and QuikClot hemostatic sponges.

Starting with the good stuff, this kit comes with packing Adventure Medical Kit’s Wilderness and Travel Medicine handbook. This book is a great resource for those who’ve been through a first aid course.

While the supplies inside it might not be enough to treat serious injuries, the best the kit does is that it comes with a waterproof and resealable pouch. You’ll also get a rain poncho, a pair of cloth gloves, and fire-starting materials to keep you dry and warm.

Now, when it comes to the less fantastic aspects of the kit, let’s start with the low-quality headlamp that comes with it. S.O.L. ships the equipment with a hands-free lamp that might not work if it gets soaked or treated too roughly in the wild.

It also fails to include enough water supply to get you through even a single day. Among all the items on this tight list, this one comes with the list rations. To get you through three days, it only comes with 400 calorie energy bars.

Besides the lack of enough food supplies, you’re stuck with no basic supplies like shelter materials, a sharp knife, and a radio.


  • Exceptional emergency first-aid manual
  • Warm gloves are a welcomed commodity.


  • Poor quality, highly visible backpack
  • Poor quality headlamp
  • Minimal first aid supplies
  • No shelter building tools or radio
  • Food and water rations are woefully inadequate.


The bottom line is that you might be able to find the best 72-hour survival bags in the market. But you can’t find a complete one that would give you enough daily calorie and hydration needs, a proper refuge from the cold/warmth, and good first aid kits.

Each of them will lack one aspect or two. That’s why if you’re buying one of the survival kits listed above, be aware of the add-ons you need to cover. Safety isn’t a straight line, and you have to look at preparations with a sharp mind.

If you want to find more useful emergency bags, click here.

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