Natural disasters such as earthquakes don’t offer warning signals. But if you know that you’re living in an earthquake-prone area, staying prepared should be a chore.

To help you get ready for a disastrous tragedy, we gathered the best emergency bags for earthquakes. We chose the best kits according to the following:

  • Contains enough water supply for a few days
  • Has basic first-aid equipment
  • Have basic survival tools to stay comfortably warm
  • Have supplies to set up a shelter if situations demand

With these factors, here are the best emergency bags you should consider:

1. Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Kit
Sustain Supply Co. offers this well-equipped emergency backpack for every family. It’s best for those who have little to no outdoor accessories. If you don’t trust your survival skills after surviving an earthquake, this 72 hours’ worth of water and food will get you going.

This emergency bag can feed four people with enough calories. Note that the food included here isn’t hardcore survival dishes. It’s teriyaki chicken bowls or mac and cheese, which you can heat on a portable stove.

Another best feature of this bag is that it comes with a ferrocerium rod and two InstaFire tinder packs. Starting a fire for warmth comes easier. The thermal blankets are the best complimentary supplies for staying well-outfitted during a cold climate.

2. Redford Complete Earthquake Bag
Another fantastic earthquake-friendly survival bag is the Redford bag. It can support two people for three days. Whether you live in a city or a suburb, this emergency kit can help you along the way.

When it comes to nutrition, you can stay nourished with its 3,600 calorie food bars. Pair it with 24 packets of purified water, and you’re fed. If you run out of water, the purification tablets can serve you best. Check guaranteed debt consolidation bad credit australia .

You can also use work gloves, rope, and goggles to complete the necessary handiwork. Also, this bag can help you stay hygienic with its toothbrush, pads, and razor.

3. EILIKS Survival Gear Kit
If you want a compact and complete survival kit, this one from Eiliks is a great option too. It’s an ideal choice if you’re trying to survive in the wilderness. With its serious survival tools and fishing equipment, you can manage to stay afloat. It includes a firestarter, a knife, a wire saw, and a multi-purpose paracord bracelet. All these items are durable and lightweight for easy and lasting use.
But unlike the rest of the emergency bags on this list, it doesn’t include any water or food supplies. What it boasts is equipment for finding your own sustenance. That’s why it’s the most portable choice on this list. Its measurements are only 8 x 4 x 2 inches and weighing less than two pounds.

4. EVERLIT Complete Earthquake Bag
For those who don’t mind carrying and storing a larger bag, this 200-piece kit from Everlit is for you.

For an earthquake bag, it’s incredibly well-stocked will all the serious accessories and tools. There’s no need to worry about basic survival equipment such as a 100-foot paracord, work gloves, and a radio.

You can also build two emergency shelters. It’s a great addition to the ponchos and thermal blankets included in this bag. If you’re worried about the bag’s durability, note that it’s made with 600-denier polyester.

It can be very dreadful once nature strikes back at mankind. We can’t stop it but the least we can do is be prepared.

Finding the best emergency bags for earthquake disasters depends on how many people you’re trying to prepare it for. If you’re thinking for your family, then the Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Kit is a great choice.

For more ideas about the best emergency bags for different disastrous scenarios, feel free to browse here.

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