Whether you’re off to an overnight hike or a casual afternoon in the mountains, emergencies can happen. A long hike requires you to pack an emergency bag that can keep you safe while waiting for rescuers or trying to find your way out.

So here’s what the best emergency bags for hiking should have:

1. Navigation: Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

It would help if you had contemporary navigation tools such as a map, altimeter watch, or compass. Having a GPS device or a personal locator beacon is also important.

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator is your best handheld navigator that offers fast positioning. It’s waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which is safe from splashes and rain. You can have paperless geocaching with zero hassle.

It works for up to 20 hours and can be powered with two AA batteries. So bring extras if you’re traveling for more than a day.

2. Headlamp: Vont ‘Spark’ LED Headlamp Flashlight

To find your way home from the dark wilderness, you need a headlamp. These might be a lifesaver in crucial situations, especially for backcountry travelers. It lets your hand free for other tasks like holding trekking poles or cooking dinner.

Vont’ Spark’ LED Headlamp Flashlight has 7 light modes that you can switch according to your lighting needs. This feature helps you save battery life through the night. It’s also waterproof and drop-resistant so that you can carry it through the rain.
Take note: Carry extra batteries for replacements.

3. Sun Protection: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Non-Greasy Sunscreen Stick

Never go on a hike without packing anything for sun protection. Take a pair of sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen, or sun-protection clothing. Those who carry emergency bags for hiking with these items may survive from excess sun damage when emergencies arise.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Non-Greasy Sunscreen Stick is a travel-size sunscreen that you can use for the face and body. It has SPF 70, so you can go under the sun for a longer period. This sun protection stick is dermatologist-recommended that won’t clog pores while preventing skin damage.

4. First Aid: Adventure Medical Mountain Series Medical Kit

Having a pre-assembled first-aid kit in your emergency bag for hiking can take the pressure off you. It can be challenging to build your own. Luckily, you can find them online that suits individual needs. The Adventure Medical Mountain Series Medical Kit includes the following:

  • Treatments For Blisters
  • Adhesive Bandages Several Gauze Pads
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Over-The-Counter Pain Medication

5. Knife: RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Knife

Knives are handy for first aid, gear repair, and other emergency needs. Every adult in your group must carry a knife, and a single fold out blade will do. It can function as a can opener, flathead screwdriver, or simply a cutter for duct tapes, cordage, and zip ties.

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Knife is a 9-in-1 hiking essential. It works as a screwdriver and has a safeguard locking mechanism that helps prevent the blade from accidentally closing on your fingers. It comes with a durable nylon pouch so that you can wear it on a belt loop conveniently.

6. Emergency Shelter: Don’t Die In The Woods World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent

Carrying an emergency shelter can keep you from harsh wind and rain conditions. It can be handy if you get injured or stranded. Note that your tent is not your only option for an emergency shelter. You’ll thank yourself for packing a lightweight and portable emergency shelter when the situation demands.

Don’t Die In The Woods World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent is made of paracord and has reinforced tape seams. It’s a reusable survival tent that only weighs 8.5 oz. It’s tear-resistant and has extra-thick material to withstand harsh weather conditions.

7. Extra Food: Power Up Trail Mix

Pack an extra day’s worth of food so you can survive when your trip stretches longer than planned. Injuries or bad weather can happen, and carrying ready-to-eat food items with a long shelf life is a great move. Energy bars, nuts, and dried foods might do it.

Power Up Trail Mix is a high-energy trail mix that’s keto and paleo-friendly. It comes in a 14 oz bag that might help you survive a day on the trail. A pack of this mix comes with a satisfying blend of rich cashews, crunchy walnuts, and crispy banana chips.

8. Extra Water: WaterStorageCube Premium Collapsible Water Container Bag

Staying hydrated while you’re out in the open is a priority. Factors like the outside temperature and altitude might determine how much you should carry to your hiking trip. As a starting point, carry the amount you think enough for one person. Having a reservoir can help you fill it up from a water source on your way.

WaterStorageCube Premium Collapsible Water Container Bag is a no-leak, foldable water bottle that can carry a total of 1.3 Gallons of water.

There’s no ultimate survival kit for outdoors. But assembling the best emergency bags for hiking is about picking the essentials that would keep you warm, protect you from extreme cold, and keep you hydrated and energized.

For more ideas about emergency bag essentials, read this.

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