When looking for emergency sleeping bags, picking one that has the right fit and weight is optimal. The temperature ratings should also be a consideration. That’s why you shouldn’t just pick any bag you see online.

We’ve rounded up the best emergency sleeping bags based on the criteria listed above. Read on to find out more:

Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag

The Zmoon Emergency Sleeping bag is your best pick on this list. It’s built for emergencies and suitable to shield you from all weather conditions and give you warmth when needed. This gear is designed to help prevent hypothermia and shock by reflecting or retaining up to 90% of your body heat.

This emergency bag is made with 26um extra-thick mylar material. It’s puncture and tear-resistant so that it can survive extreme conditions. You can easily unroll it and climb inside to keep your body temperature. Weighing only 116 grams, you can keep it near you anywhere you go. Use it outdoors when you go camping, marathons, or trail running.

Xtextile 2Pack Emergency Sleeping Bags

Xtextile 2Pack Emergency Sleeping Bags boast its lightweight and compact build that can be your safe space during emergencies. It’s extra compact that you can fit in the palm of your hand. With a weight of 4.6 oz, you can carry it around with you. It’s rolled up inside a handy nylon drawstring back for easy storage.

It also works as a poncho and an emergency shelter. This bag is made of mylar material that makes it puncture and tear-resistant. You can use this to prevent hypothermia by retaining your body heat. It can also be used to cover injured victims to reduce shock while waiting for rescuers.

Since this isn’t for one-time use only, you can store it again, carefully folded. It comes in a bright orange exterior, so it’s easy to spot even in the worst weather condition. Remember that this is a 2pcs emergency sleeping bag that comes with 2pcs of whistles.

Esky Emergency Sleeping Bag

This waterproof and thermal emergency bag is also a best-selling emergency necessity. Esky is a known brand when it comes to camping and hiking equipment. This 2-pack Bivy Sack is a life-saver in emergency situations and for amazing reasons.

Aside from being a sleeping bag, you can also use this as an emergency blanket, distress beacon, or poncho. It can also function as a sunshade or rain tarp, all thanks to its durable mylar build. The Mylar shell chases the cold out and offers superior comfort and warmth. You can take refuge in its windproof, tear, and puncture-proof quality.

With its ultra-bright reflective surface, you may have the visibility you need when you’re trapped in the dark. The first responders might find you easily with its bright orange color.

Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy

Another thermal emergency sleeping bag is the Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag. You can use this as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and an emergency sack. It’s engineered for survival and emergency situations that you can pair with its 120-decibel whistle.

Made with polyethylene material and sealed seams, it can lock out harsh weather as you stay comfortable inside. This is made with a reflective interior to protect you from hypothermia. The same technology helps you keep 90% of your body warm.

Toss this emergency bag with the rest of your survival necessities. It only weighs 4.1 oz, which lets you store it in your designated kit.

DIBBATU Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

DIBBATU Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag doubles as a blanket and poncho since it’s made with protective materials. You can also make as your emergency shelter from harsh winds, rain, and snow. Make it as a ground cover, too, when necessary. All these are possible because its made with Mylar material.

Keep your body temperature in check, too, with its heat-reflecting technology. It comes in a small bag so you can carry and store it easily along with your other emergency materials. This reusable emergency bag measures 83×35 inches and weighs 4.0 oz.

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