A disaster can start anywhere, and it can be unpredictable. When disasters strike, they hit hard. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared at all times. It’s also important that when you prepare your emergency bag, you also need to consider your pets.

Preparing emergency bags for your pet is what a responsible pet owner does. Your pets can’t defend nor fend for themselves when a disaster occurs.

Prepare for the worse and here are what you should include in your pet’s emergency bag:


Fresh and potable water is always the top priority after a disaster has struck. When you’re stocking up on water for emergency purposes, never forget to include one for your pet. The more water you store, the better but a week’s worth of water for every family member, that includes your pet, is a safe option.

Pet Food

Loads of it. Your pets can less likely understand what food and water rations are. You can stock up dry and wet canned foods for your pets. Canned foods are well-preserved and make your pet less likely thirsty because the meal has a natural moist to it. These goods will also enable you to stretch out some of your water supply. On the side note, pack a can opener alongside with it. Not unless you can open a can with your teeth, then don’t need one.


Your pets are just like humans who can suffer health issues. They might require medical attention and care. Talk to your vet ahead of time to secure an emergency supply of your pets’ medicines before a disaster strikes your community.

Proof of Ownership

There may be times that you may have to evacuate to a shelter. Take your pet with you when you evacuate. Don’t be heartless. Place photographs, ownership papers in a sealed, airtight container.  Keeping the proof of ownership on-hand will identify you as a pet owner.

Proof of Recent Vaccinations

When your family has to evacuate to the nearest shelter, take note that there’ll be capacity and safety issues. Although there might be animal clinics and boarding facilities which offer shelters to pets, they might still require an updated proof of vaccinations. If your pets need to go to an emergency animal shelter, take a copy of their vaccination records, and you’ll be assured that there’ll be a spot for them.

Emergency Help List

Everyone turns into survivor mode once they get affected by disasters. You might want to have a list of kind and accommodating neighbors or emergency boarding facilities on hand. This list can help you or any family member know where to ask help whenever you need to when disasters strike.

Sturdy Leashes or Pet Carriers

Your pets may tend to panic during severe weather conditions. They may try to break loose and find a place to hide. Pets may become fatally trapped or injured if they’ll break free. Natural disasters usually leave downed power lines, contaminated groundwater, and fallen debris. That’s why it’s best to use leashes or carriers to restrict your pets from running and endangering themselves.

ID Tags

In case your pets separate from your pack, it’s best that you put in an additional ID tag before it happens. Include writing your contact details and information on the ID. You might also consider installing a microchip on your pets to help you locate them.

First Aid Kit

Put in an emergency medical kit for your pets in case they get injured. Items like a gauze (to bandage an injury), hydrogen peroxide (to disinfect wounds), and milk of magnesia (to absorb poison if there are any accidental ingestion that may occur).

Comforts for your Pets

During disasters, your pets will be forced to be confined to a small space for quite some time. If you can, try packing up a pet bed, extra litter, clean blankets, and towels. Just like any other human beings, they can get frightened and nervous. These extra comfort items can help soothe them and make them feel relaxed.

Those are the items to include in your pet’s emergency bag. Remember preparing emergency bags for your pets are a natural thing to do for pet owners. Pack one now for you and your pets and be a survivor amidst disasters.

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