As the eyes hold the window to the soul, a woman’s purse may say things about her, too! This idea maybe why celebrity purse or bag raids are such a hit.

It’s a common curiosity for some people to wonder what’s inside other people’s purse. While a collection of makeup may be a natural thing inside a woman’s purse, some people prefer to deviate from the norm and opt to stash valuables relevant to addressing emergency situations.

If you’re curious about knowing what things to include in your purse emergency kit, check out the list below. Emergencies aren’t meant to be announced, so better be prepared before the crises arise.

Emergency kit for your purse

1. Hand sanitizer

The term ‘crises’ may not only refer to major calamities or disasters. A crisis may also mean that you have no way to access a sink to wash your hands and you’re dying to get your hands on your to-go fries on the way to work.

2. Medication

An allergy or a headache may strike you in the most unexpected moments. Hoarding Advil or Claritin may be your saving grace. Save yourself from the hassle of going through minor but very inconvenient aches and allergies.

3. Tea

It may be odd to carry a tea bag around, but if you’re a tea drinker, you’ll know how heavenly it feels. If you have access to hot water, voila! Instant tea to your liking!

4. Lip balm

Winters and chapped lips are a terrible combo. Spare yourself from this hassle. Hydrate yourself or carry a lip balm at all times.

5. Wet wipes

What happens when you spill your coffee on your hand? Do you leave your hand all sticky? You need one wipe when you need one!

6. Gum

You might not know when you’ll need something to chew. During flights? Maybe.

7. Hair ties and bobby pins

You come out from your home with the best hair of your life and during transit, suddenly it’s a bad hair day again. Whether you have a short or long hair, your hair may get stringy and greasy at some point of the day. You may never know the ease of tying them unless the situation calls for it. So you better ready some hair ties and bobby pins.

8. Bandaids

Papercuts can sting. Any other minor cuts can be stingy.

9. Hot hands

Who loves being cold? Nah. Keep a few Hot Hands in case you’re out and badly need to slip a pack into your gloves to stay warm. If you’re not a fan of this brand, you may find another brand you think suits you better.

10. Cough drops

Winters suck big time once you catch a cough or a sore throat. Spare some cough drops on hand and relieve yourself from the misery that comes from it.

11. Dental floss

You eat every day. You may need it every day.

12. Tweezers

Where are the tweezers when you need to get that splinter off your toe? “In my emergency purse!” It sounds good to be always ready.

13. Nail clippers

Just like the tweezers, nail clippers can be anywhere unless you keep them in one place. Keep them somewhere you can remember. This is one of the reasons why you need to prepare a purse emergency kit.

14. Small scissors

You’ll never know when you need to cut a loose thread from your favorite skirt. You can’t just cut it using your teeth in public.

15. Tide to go stick

You don’t want to wear that coffee stain throughout the day at work.

16. Feminine supplies

You may not need them at the moment, but a friend might need them at some point.

17. Notebook or journal

In case you can’t use your phone, you may use a notebook or journal for copying info and noting reminders.

18. Pocket knife

It’s not a usual woman’s item, but a Swiss Army Knife may help you in some emergency situations.

19. Lotion

Dry skin may happen all the time.

20. Travel size package of tissue

It’s not every day comfort rooms have tissues in store for you.

21. Water bottle

Make sure you have one with a sturdy lid.

22. Snacks

Keep it small, but enough to get you through. Granola bars may be a good idea.

23. Keys

Clip them in your purse straps, and you won’t have to deal with lost keys.

Picking a perfect prepared purse

The things to include in your purse emergency kit is quite a long list. You need a right kind of purse to cater all those essentials.

In picking the kind of purse for your emergency kit, don’t choose one based on looks. You must make sure it has ensembled compatibility. There’s no reason you can’t have both qualities in one purse.

Make sure to consider these three factors when choosing a purse for your emergency kit:

1. Don’t go too big.

Too much room inside your purse may invite extras and makes things hard to find. The next thing you’ll know, you’re whole shoe rack is inside your purse. Don’t wonder why it weighs ten times than it should be when you leave the house.

2. Pockets are a girl’s best friend.

They keep things in their designated places, keeping them organized while you carry them around. Zippers and closures are a big help in keeping things from falling out.

3. Comfortable straps.

Your hands may be full at times, and your purse shouldn’t add to the burden.

Your purse is now ready for any small forest hike or any urban outing. The things to include in your purse emergency kit may sound trivial at first, but when the crises arise, you’ll thank yourself for going through this article and for actually stashing the essentials in your emergency kit purse.

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