For those who always think about an adventurous day ahead, EVERLIT might be a familiar brand to you. It’s famous for its durable products that could help you survive an epic trip.

As tactical backpacks become more popular, this brand also takes the lead in this area. If this type of bag is your style, then here’s our EVERLIT Emergency Survival Kit review:

EVERLIT Emergency Survival Kit Features

  • Top-quality emergency supplies to deal with accidents and disasters
  • Customized by US armed forces veterans
  • Contains the following: Tactical knife, luminous compass, paracord bracelet, high-pitch whistle, tactical pen, thermal blanket
  • Can function as a first-aid kit
  • Comes with multi-functional pliers
  • Comes in a compact size for easier travel
  • Has water-resistant leather

Product Highlights

Your outdoor adventures won’t be the same with this 40-item kit, built to handle tough trail emergencies.

This Everlit bug out bug is designed in cooperation with veterans, making it a lasting tactical bag. It comes with a large primary compartment for your essentials. With its myriad of pockets, you can arrange tools and equipment seamlessly. Its big secondary compartment is smaller, but it can hold lots of emergency supplies too.

The backpack has wide and padded hip straps and a shoulder for easier carry. It’s a durable bag made of 600-denier polyester.

It’s a desert brown backpack with a prominent US flag on its upper front pocket. Yes, it’s a good-looking back, but unless you want to look like a soldier, this bag might not be cool for you.

Other than its design, it’s a great kit for survival. You can get enough water and food for two adults for 72 hours. It comes with a pair of 3,600 calorie food bars and 24 125ml packs of drinking water. This amount of food is approved by the US Coast Guard. They have a shelf life of 5 years.

If you run out of clean water, then you can use the pack of purification tablets. It can clean 25 quarts of water.

Aside from these items, you’re also getting a 200-piece first aid kit. The kit includes the following:

  • Military Tourniquet
  • Hand-Crank Flashlight
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Emergency Shelter
  • N95 Respirator

What’s to love about the Everlit Survival Kit

In one purchase, you’re getting a durable backpack, a kit complete with 72-hours’ worth of supplies, and essential survival tools. If you don’t want the pressure of assembling a survival kit, then it’s a competent investment to take to your next outdoor adventure.

What’s not to love about the Everlit Survival Kit

The Everlit Survival Kit might draw unwanted attention because of its military-style.


  • Very sturdy and resilient
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Well-stocked first aid kit
  • Food has a 5-year shelf life.


  • May attract unwanted attention.


The Everlit Emergency Survival Kit has impressed its customers with its sturdy and professional tools. Its buyers found it extremely convenient to carry on their outdoor trips.
With its comprehensive set of tools and first-aid necessities, the Everlit Emergency Survival Kit is a must-have purchase for every outdoor lover. Fatal injuries can happen, but situations may not escalate on extreme levels if you’re prepared with a kit like this.

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