You’ll never know what a survival kit could solve until the situation demands it. That’s why we recommend getting one for every family or individual, especially those who love outdoor adventures.

In this Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit review, we’ll go over this kit’s strong and weak points. We hope that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s the best pick for you in the end. Read on to find out more:

What is a Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit?

Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit includes almost all you need in case an emergency presents itself. With its 241 pieces of first aid equipment and multipurpose survival items, you can get through the scrapes and cuts.

From a fire starter to multi-functional pliers, you can stay safe in an emergency while waiting for professional help to come. Save it in your kitchen or office, throw it in your car or pack it in your backpacking for your outdoor adventure trips.

All of the supplies come in a red waterproof case made with high-quality EVA+Nylon material. It’s also shockproof and waterproof. The internal grid design of this bag lets you easily organize and store the included supplies. With its extra spaces, you can add more personal choices inside that you think would make you more comfortable in emergencies.

With its overall weight at 1.54 lbs, it’s the ultimate lightweight and compact kit to keep around.

What’s in the Monoki First Aid Kit?

In one Monoki First Aid Kit, you’ll get one red first aid bag and one first aid booklet.

Inside, there are 20 pieces of survival tools such as:

  • 1 x Red First Aid Bag—- 1 x First Aid Booklet
  • 1 x Multi-function Pliers
  • 1 x Tactical Folding Knife
  • 1 x 3-Modes LED Flashlight
  • 1 x Emergency Blanket
  • 1 x Emergency Whistle
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Saber Card
  • 1 x Compass Keychain
  • 1 x Fire Starter
  • 1 x Wire Saw
  • 1 x Fishing Lines
  • 1 x Fishing Hooks
  • 2 x Fishing Weights
  • 2 x Fishing Floats
  • 2 x Fishing Swivels
  • 1 x Bait + 1 x Cotton Stick
  • 1 x Aluminum Foil

Aside from the survival items, you’d also get up to 219 Pcs Medical Supplies. It includes the following:

  • 1 x Scissors(9cm)
  • 1 x Plastic Tweezers
  • 10 x Safety Pins
  • 1 x Blue Tourniquet
  • 1 x Non-Woven Medical Tape
  • 2 x PBT Elastic Bandage
  • 1 x Disposable CPR Mask

Why get a Monoki First Aid Kit?

An emergency can get worse as it gets when you fail to prepare for it. With a Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit, you can lessen the worries of dealing with a cut or bruise with a travel-friendly kit. You can toss it in your boat, car, or backpack.

With its close to perfect set of items, you can remain prepared even after natural disasters strike. Hurricane relief, earthquakes, and fires are just around the corner, and a Monoki First Aid Kit can make it easier for you.

Who is this for?

If you or a loved one likes the outdoors, here’s a great kit for you. For less than $25, you can have one of these. Emergencies during backpacking adventures can become easier to handle when you’ve got this at your disposal. It’s one of the cheapest in the market. So if you’re on a budget, and this one’s for you too.

What does a Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit lack?

The Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit almost got everything right, except that some of its pieces need an upgrade. For example, its fish hook and line don’t look as reliable. The pocket chainsaw is also thin, and you might catch yourself needing extra power when emergencies arise.

We also noticed that the zipper in the case and the plastic tweezers feel cheap. Aside from these items, the rest of the survival and first aid kit could pass for its price.


Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit can meet your different survival needs. Whether it’s a minor wound or an outdoor survival situation, it’s a reliable kit to carry around.

It’s a perfect gift idea for your loved ones who like to go hiking, camping, or doing outdoor sports. Any family would be lucky to have this around, and for less than $25, it’s an affordable investment among all available choices today.

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