Things come when you least expect it. Natural calamities aren’t predictable. Some people may think that they’re living in a safe area where it’s impossible to get hit by a natural calamity. Unfortunately, that’s not true. What’s more alarming is that most people aren’t prepared for natural disasters.

According to U.N., there were nearly 600,000 people died and over 4.1 billion injured across the world due to natural disasters since 1995. Extreme weather-related calamities caused many survivors to become homeless and starving. Being prepared for emergency situations can help minimize the number of casualties.

Family Emergency Kit Checklist

Assembling your family emergency kit is one of the most important and effective ways to be prepared. Below are some essentials for having your own family emergency kit:


Water should be on top of your list. It’ll help you remain hydrated even without food. It’s recommended to have at least 4 liters of water per person. If you have a big family, you’re required to have a lot of containers for water. And if you have a car, you can store water containers at the trunk.

There are also several products that you can avail to help you filter or purify dirty water. These items can help produce water that’s safe for drinking if ever you run out of drinking water.


Non-perishable and high-energy foods are the best picks. Foods like canned meat, canned fruits, dry cereal, and crackers are preferable goods that can be kept in your family emergency kit. Since you stock canned goods, don’t forget to bring a can opener. Food supplies should last at least 72 hours. If you still have space, you might want to include plates and utensils, but they can be optional.

If you have a baby who’s still drinking on bottles, you should also prepare a formula that you can easily mix with clean water.


You don’t want to include your whole closet in your family emergency kit checklist. Just bring what’s necessary. One change per family member is enough. Secure them inside a ziplock bag to prevent the clothes from getting wet. You can also label the bag with each family member’s name on it. Putting labels will help you have easier access to the clothes. Also, secure protective clothing such as sweaters, mitts, and coats to protect you from cold weather.


Since your family is evacuating your house, you should remember that bringing documents is very important. Secure emergency contact names and numbers of different family members or friends. Having copies of all necessary documents like birth certificates, insurances, and passports should be included.


Even if you possess ATM or credit cards, cash is more convenient during emergencies. Bank transactions might be impossible during these days.


Electronics will be your means of communication among your family members and authorities during an emergency evacuation. However, network coverage may be down. Regaining its service may be accessed if you’ll be moving to different areas. Securing a charger and extra batteries for your phone is also necessary. Also, consider bringing an emergency flashlight.

Medication and First Aid Kit

Unexpected minor illnesses may occur during evacuation periods. It’s crucial to pack up medications that would last for at least 2 weeks. If you have children within the family, better bring medicines that suit for them.

Why should you have a family emergency kit?

Being knowledgeable about the things you should do during an emergency is an important factor. The primary purpose of securing a family emergency kit is to help you protect yourself and your family members in an emergency case.

Preparedness may reduce fear, anxiety, and can save lives. Modern day luxuries that you have on a daily basis may not be available during catastrophic disasters.

Emergency kits are very important for survival. People have already experienced natural disaster several times. You have even watched the news about it. It’s enough to call attention to get you and your family own an emergency kit.

You may not know the importance of emergency kit until it happens to your family, so it’s better to be prepared.

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