There has been a rise in the number of mass shootings, and the most common area that mass shootings happen is at schools.

For this year alone, a total of 317 people has fallen victim to mass shootings. Some of the victims are children and teenagers. It’s an alarming number. These numbers are the reason why school lockdown drills are common among educational institutions.

What is a school lockdown procedure?

A school lockdown procedure is a precautionary measure during a threat whether it’s inside the school or in the surrounding community. This threat could either be of the following:

  • Active shooter inside the premises
  • Hostage situation
  • Riots
  • Police activity nearby
  • National disasters

What can a school lockdown do?

Depending on the situation, a school lockdown may most likely help with the following:

  • Remove the students and faculty from the immediate threat;
  • Isolate the dangerous situation from much of the school;
  • Giving way for an accurate accounting of students within each room; and
  • Depends on the situation, lockdowns facilitate an organized evacuation away from the dangerous area.

What are the types of school lockdowns?

Shelter-in-Place. This lockdown is usually an external health hazard where building evacuations aren’t feasible.

Internal Threat. This procedure only happens when a threat is on the premises of the school. The goal of this scheme is to keep everyone safe until the danger is thoroughly dealt with accordingly.

External Threat. This procedure only happens when the threat is outside the school building or campus. The goal of this lockdown is preventing the danger in entering the school or campus.

Full Lockdown. This scenario only happens when there’s an involvement of a serious threat that requires immediate action.

What to Do during School Lockdown Emergencies?

School lockdown emergency procedures require the cooperation of all the faculty, staff, and the students. While every school may have their own individual set of rules during a lockdown procedure, the following are typical guidelines and best practices for having an effective school lockdown.

The faculty & staff should do the following if a lockdown is ordered:

  1. Lock all the doors and windows quickly. If the door can’t be locked, attempt to block any entry point with bulky items quickly.
  2. Never open doors or windows unless cleared to do so from a school official or safety officer. Always ask for documentation papers from an official to confirm their identity before opening the doors.
  3. Turn off all the lights, and close the blinds or curtains.
  4. Instruct your students to keep low and stay away from the doors and windows.
  5. Keep the students safely inside the classroom.
  6. Put televisions, cell phones, and other electronic devices on silent mode.
  7. Steer clear of hallways, bathrooms, and any area or room that can’t be completely secured.
  8. Keep an account for every student inside the classroom.
  9. Assist the students or staff with special needs.
  10.  Remain indoors and under lockdown until you receive an ‘all clear’ from authorized personnel.

Students are also advised to do the following during a lockdown:

  1. Alert a faculty member or any school staff if you know that someone is merely pulling a prank.
  2. Remain quiet, still, calm and alert.
  3. Follow all instructions given by your teacher or school staff.
  4. Only use cellular devices if there’s an emergency or only if instructed to do so.

These are the basics of what to do during school lockdown emergencies. Follow these instructions well and keep safe during emergencies. You get the chance to live every day, but you only get to die once. So keep guard of your life.

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