Different types of disasters call for innovative preparations. When it comes to earthquakes, packing up basic amenities could save you from further trouble.
Let the survivalist in you thrive in emergencies by finding the right emergency bag. To help you do so, we’ve prepared this Zippmo Earthquake kit review. Read on to find out if it fits your standards in surviving a shocking natural disaster, specifically, an earthquake:

Is it a good investment?
If you’re looking for a great starting point at preparing for disasters, yes, this kit is a great investment.
Zippmo Earthquake Kit checks all the basic items you need during a disaster. It comes with food packs, a magnesium fire starter, and explorer compasses. You can also take advantage of its dust masks and a LED flashlight, among other survival essentials.
This kit also comes with basic hygiene necessities like toothpaste, toilet tissue, and 6 wipe packets. You can also use insect sting relief packers, a pack of aspirin, and non-aspirin tablets for added safety in the wild. It’s a kit that lets you prepare for various types of environments.

Who is Zippmo Earthquake Kit for?
Most survivalists worry about the size of the emergency kit. It’s because some kits tend to be too bulky that they’re not portable enough to carry around.
With the Zippmo Earthquake Kit, you can have a bug-out bag that’s still built compact. But its size doesn’t compromise your supplies. Its total weight is less than 20 pounds, and it’s packed in the right manner. You can carry the kit around without worrying about your mobility.

What are its Features and Specifications?
Lightweight emergency kit
When looking for the best earthquake emergency kit, having less than 20 pounds weight is relatively light. The bag comes with the right dimensions if you’re planning to survive for two days. The shipping weight doesn’t go beyond 25 pounds.

Enough water to last 2 people for up to 72 hours
If you’re trying to prepare for two, the Zippmo Earthquake Kit lets you do it properly. It comes with enough supplies to last for 72 hours. Aside from the 20 packs of water supply, you can use the 2400 calories worth of food. If you need to collect water, its Nalgene bottle will come in handy for you.

Durable outdoor backpack
In your search for a backpack with an ideal carrying weight and dimensions, the Zippmo Earthquake Kit is here. Its design offers a good carrying capacity, and it’s made with the right materials for durability.
The bag comes with several compartments. You can create more space to house all the important components of the entire emergency gear.

Tools and survival essentials
From tweezers to a knife, down to working gloves, this package has it all. Lighting gear like a flashlight is also included in this kit.

Premium first aid kit
As disasters may come with physical injuries, you need an emergency bag equipped with a first aid kit. Zippmo lets you prepare for these instances with its anti-bacterial creams, band-aids, and aspirin/non-aspirin tablets.

From the collective reviews across various online platforms and our expert take on this kit, we think that Zippmo Earthquake Kit is a good investment. It carries adequate emergency supplies for multiple people and lasts for multiple days.
If you’re worried about its portability and shelf life, it checks both boxes too. It comes with the basic food, water, and other survival supplies you might need. Overall, we hope that this Zippmo Earthquake Kit review helps you in preparing for any natural disaster.

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